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Parts of the Mass

These poems have an investment in aesthetic open-endedness, sonic wordplay, scientific inquiry, spiritual wonder, poetic disagreement, ethical urgency, and risk. The poems form a “broken mass,” attuned to turmoil, personal and public; they turn in on themselves by employing competing tonalities of affirmation and dissent.


These experimental poems play with, resist, and acknowledge complicity with received concepts of intimacy that circulate in our media-saturated age. The poems try to undertake an expansive understanding of the word “intimacy” and the attending, often contradictory obligations that arise in our public and private relations with one another.


"Stephen Burt with Catherine Imbriglio." The Conversant.


"Turns of Endearment in Reginald Shepherd's 'You, Therefore.'"


"Lines and Spaces." From A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line.